Silverwood, Wellesley Ma

This pastural lot on the Charles River had been untouched for 300 years of estate ownership. Abutting a horticultural society, open fields and active historic farms, the homeowner’s directive was to capture views, daylight and reimagine a river front farmhouse through the use of traditional materials and vernacular design elements, but with a modern slant. Retaining the river views, a wild flower meadow, specamine trees and the country feel of the land were essential design requirements. The project consists of 4 modern barns connected via glassy connectors and a granite stone wall runs the spine of the project, from inside to out and organizing the public and private sides of the home. A free floating glass stair hovers in the foyer and 20’ sliding glass doors help shape views but also the seamless connection from interior rooms to exterior rooms.  A large dual island Siematc kitchen acts as a hub between wings of the home and is positioned to the screen porch, pool, living space and mudroom.  Avid art collectors and nature enthusiasts, the house boasts a large white interior as a gallery canvas, strong architectural features and large modern windows to frame the views of the meadows, river, tress and gardens.

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